Sốt cà chua cho pizza

Few people know, but the secret of successful pizza preparation lies in the right sauce and its dosage. If there is not enough sauce, the pizza will turn out to be dry and bland. A lot – the filling will drain, and the pizza may turn out to be damp. The most popular pizza sauce is made with tomatoes.

Should you buy the sauce in the store? NO!
Cover pizza dough with purchased ketchup is simple, convenient and inexpensive, but completely tasteless. No reputable Italian restaurant or cafe ever uses store-bought ketchup to make pizza.

It is a properly prepared tomato pizza sauce that gives the finished dish its unique taste and delicious aroma.

Making tomato pizza sauce at home takes a little more time and effort, but the result is worth it. We need soft and ripe tomatoes. They must first be peeled by pouring boiling water over them.

To prepare the simplest sauce, tomatoes need to be grated or mashed using a blender. Salt, sugar, favorite spices are added to the resulting mass to taste. This can be garlic, basil, oregano, sweet paprika, a mixture of peppers, or any other condiment that suits you personally. The sauce is ready, you can already spread it on the dough or a commercially available pizza base.

Attention! If you don't have tomatoes at hand, then in theory you can use tomato paste to make such a sauce, but the result will be worse.

There is also a hot way to make pizza sauce. To do this, you will also need to peel, seeds and chop the tomatoes. You can use a track or blender, or you can cut them into cubes. From exposure to temperature, tomato slices will “disperse” and turn into mashed potatoes.

In addition to tomatoes, you can add other vegetables to the sauce: sweet or hot peppers, onions, garlic. Chopped fresh herbs added to the sauce will add special piquancy to the sauce. A mixture of Italian herbs and olive oil are often added to it. Sugar and salt are added to taste. The sauce is cooked until it becomes thick.

We at OK Pizza use our own tomato sauce made from peeled tomatoes, guaranteeing the highest quality and organic product.

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