Pepperoni is a type of smoked salami sausage. Although originally this word in Italy means “pepper”, it migrated into cooking and is now used to refer to spicy salami, as well as pizza containing this sausage.

According to the traditional recipe, pepperoni is made from pork with paprika and chili. It so happened that in the modern world it is almost impossible to find high-quality sausage as it was done before, without chemical additives. That’s why at OK Pizza we make our own organic Pepperoni.

  • To make a quality sausage, we need pork and pork fat in a 10:1 ratio.
  • Next, we cut everything into pieces of about 3 by 3 cm, mix with a mixture of salt, pepper and paprika and leave for a day minimum.
  • Later we pass everything through a meat grinder, make sausage and let it dry for a few days, after which we smoke and send it to ripening.
  • The sausage will be ready in about a month.

The process is quite lengthy and laborious, but this is the only way to make the perfect sausage for the perfect pizza.

Initially, Pepperoni pizza appeared in Italy, it is called the Devil’s Pizza there because of the spicy filling. It is very simple to make. Essentially it’s the same Margarita (dough, sauce, mozzarella), but spicy pepperoni sausage is laid on top.

Another variety of this pizza – in the Italian style, with the addition of onions, mushrooms and olives, is called Italiano con Pepperoni.

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