Doner Banh Mi

Doners have appeared on our menu, so it’s time to tell about them. The dish is based on bread and meat.

Doner uses a special bread called PITA. Its history goes back to prehistoric times. Approximately 14,500 years ago in the Stone Age, there is evidence that the Natufians in the territory of modern Jordan prepared a kind of cakes from the grains of wild grains. The first written mentions of such bread are in the Old Testament. A distinctive feature of traditional pita is the water vapor generated in the dough during baking, which inflates the cake. Thus, a “pocket” is formed inside the cake, in which you can put salads or meat.

The meat is marinated for at least 24 hours in spices and then fried on a grill or pan.

In addition to meat, doner is complemented with a salad of fresh vegetables, this is necessarily cabbage, onions, tomatoes, and garlic sauce.

In OK Pizza you can taste 4 kinds of doners: Turkish traditional chicken, pork cevapi sausages, marinated beef bulgogi and vegetarian.

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