Pizza Margherita has millions of fans all over the world. Moreover, it is the main pizza, the basis of the basics. If you don’t like Margheritain the pizzeria, you can skip the rest of the pizzas and forget about this establishment. Pizza is prepared on the traditional and thin dough, using tender cheeses and the freshest vegetables.

“Margherita” is not only an incredibly tasty and beautiful pizza. It is a dish with a long history, which rose to the royal table from the humble kitchens of the Italian poor, and then won the love of millions of children and adults around the world.

Pizza for ordinary people
There are different versions of the origin of “Margherita”, but the most popular tells that the recipe was invented in 1889, in Italy, when Umberto I and his wife Margarita of Savoy visited Naples. While resting, the king and queen decided to try a traditional Neapolitan dish, common among the poor townspeople. This dish was an open pie, like a bread with a filling – pizza.

Italian flag
The most famous pizza maker, Rafaelle Esposito, was invited to prepare pizza. He did three at once. The first one is with tomatoes and garlic. The second – with cheese, basil and bacon. And the third – with tomatoes, basil and white cheese. These colors echoed the colors of the Italian flag – green, white and red, symbolizing the hope, faith and virtue of ordinary Italians.

In the name of the queen
The queen liked the third pizza so much that she wrote an official letter of gratitude to the baker Esposito. In response, he named his dish after her. After that, Margherita of Savoy wished that pizza with a royal name would be prepared only in her palace. As a result, the ancient folk dish received the status of a gourmet treat.

This concludes the history of the creation of the classic “Margherita”, but not the history of its distribution. Over time, pizza began to be prepared throughout Italy. But she gained real recognition only after the Second World War, thanks to soldiers from different countries, who told about culinary recipes from Italy at home.

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