As you know from the history of pizza, besides being tasty, it is very practical: you can have a quick snack, eat on the go, take it with you. That is why she gained popularity, and as a result:

Pizza is eaten with hands and only with hands!

This is why pizzerias usually don’t have cutlery. Of course, in Europe they can serve pizza on a plate with a knife and fork, but these are just the rules of modern restaurant etiquette, which is not necessary to follow in the case of pizza.

How to eat pizza with your hands?

To answer this question, you need to consider two main factors:

  • Not all pizzas hold their shape equally well, it depends on the filling.
  • In decent establishments, pizza is always served with sauce or olive oil, which is poured over the pizza.

There are 3 main ways:

  1. The most reliable and scientifically grounded: it is necessary to bend the pizza with the index finger in the area of ​​the crust inward. So the sauce will not leak anywhere except the mouth)
  2. Cover one piece with the other so that the dough is outside.
  3. Pizza Roll, just Roll a slice of pizza.

The last two methods are not a joke at all, there is a really small category of people who eat this way.

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