Cheese is an obligatory ingredient in every pizza, so it is simply impossible to ignore it.

Cheese is the oldest food product of mankind! There is no definitive version of where exactly the process of making cheese originated in Europe, Central Asia or the Middle East. But there are estimated dates for the beginning of the production of cheese – most likely it began to be made around 8000 BC. e., when sheep were first domesticated.

In the settlements of Croatia, ceramic products have been found that were used 7200 years ago to store soft cheese.

Ancient cheese is a product of milk transformation using rennet obtained from the stomach of ruminants.

Since ancient times, people have used the skins and internal organs of killed animals. Most likely, the cheese was discovered by accident in the process of using the stomach of ruminants as a container for storing milk, as a result, under the influence of rennet enzymes, milk was converted into cottage cheese and whey.

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