You’ve probably noticed that we sometimes put leaves of a rather unusual herb in pizza. This is arugula, one of the main herbs in Europe. Still relatively recently, until the end of the 19th century, arugula (aka sowing eruca, indau, rocket salad) in many countries was considered an ordinary weed, suitable, perhaps, as livestock feed…. continue reading

Doner Banh Mi

OK Pizza, OK Doner

Doners have appeared on our menu, so it’s time to tell about them. The dish is based on bread and meat. Doner uses a special bread called PITA. Its history goes back to prehistoric times. Approximately 14,500 years ago in the Stone Age, there is evidence that the Natufians in the territory of modern Jordan… continue reading

History of cheese

Cheese is an obligatory ingredient in every pizza, so it is simply impossible to ignore it. Cheese is the oldest food product of mankind! There is no definitive version of where exactly the process of making cheese originated in Europe, Central Asia or the Middle East. But there are estimated dates for the beginning of… continue reading

Sốt cà chua cho pizza

Tomato sauce for pizza

Few people know, but the secret of successful pizza preparation lies in the right sauce and its dosage. If there is not enough sauce, the pizza will turn out to be dry and bland. A lot – the filling will drain, and the pizza may turn out to be damp. The most popular pizza sauce… continue reading

The basics of dough

As you know, the most important ingredient in pizza, and not only – in a sandwich, burger, doner, is bread. If the bread is tasty, then it is eaten with pleasure in its pure form, and with a good filling, the dish will be guaranteed to be the best. Today we will tell you briefly… continue reading

Pepperoni – Italian classic

Pepperoni is a type of smoked salami sausage. Although originally this word in Italy means “pepper”, it migrated into cooking and is now used to refer to spicy salami, as well as pizza containing this sausage. According to the traditional recipe, pepperoni is made from pork with paprika and chili. It so happened that in… continue reading

Margherita – pizza with a story

Pizza Margherita has millions of fans all over the world. Moreover, it is the main pizza, the basis of the basics. If you don’t like Margheritain the pizzeria, you can skip the rest of the pizzas and forget about this establishment. Pizza is prepared on the traditional and thin dough, using tender cheeses and the… continue reading

How To Eat Pizza

As you know from the history of pizza, besides being tasty, it is very practical: you can have a quick snack, eat on the go, take it with you. That is why she gained popularity, and as a result: Pizza is eaten with hands and only with hands! This is why pizzerias usually don’t have… continue reading

Original Pizza History

Pizza has a thousand-year history. Ancient man learned how to bake flatbread, for this they used coals and a stone on which the bread was baked. All Mediterranean peoples used this recipe, and then olive oil began to be used and the flatbread was covered with herbs and seasonal vegetables. The same flatbread served as… continue reading

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