About OK Pizza

What makes OK Pizza™ so special?

Success comes from our
commitment to quality

We hand select tomatoes from local farmers for the perfect taste.

From these same tomatoes we prepare a unique pizza base sauce. No preservatives, only original taste.

We make the ingredients ourselves or import from abroad

We have our own production of pepperoni and smoked bacon. Always fresh, always of the highest quality.

We make real food by hand, fresh to order.
It’s not the fastest way – it’s the right way.


We do not recognize machine production and semi-finished products. For each order, we roll out our hands a new dough and make amazing pizza from fresh products. Our pizza is the art and soul of the creator.


Press & Awards

So far, we have no awards, and nobody wrote about us in the press, but very soon it will happen and we will insert real links here.


Even the most famous traditional pizzerias make pizzas from the same flour, water, and tomato. We did not discover a new planet, we just approached the production of pizza with intelligence and attention to detail, came up with a quality standard, and made the perfect product.

The basis of the pizza is the dough, it should be more pleasant than the breast of the beloved woman – elastic and soft at the same time. To achieve this result, we need quality flour and a traditional recipe with at least 56 hours of fermentation.

Love. Our pizza is handmade and each contains a little of our love and care.

Quality ingredients – you cannot save on this, because our pizza is worthy of love. We make our own sausages, bacon, we use organic vegetables directly from the farmers, and we grow the herbs ourselves.


Our People Are Just as Important

This is Alex, he is a process organizer and he is convinced that a modern pizzeria is primarily IT.

We don’t know who this guy is on the photo, but Kirill must be here. Kirill is our manager, he solves any issues in organized processes

Vlado is an experienced pizza maker and chef, he is responsible for the product and the production process.

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